Staffing Solutions

Our Advisors & Consultants come from the same backgrounds noted under Recruiting SolutionsCFOs, Controllers, Tax Specialists, Internal Audit Specialists et al – from a diverse array of industries.  On every project, WM Shirley provides the best self-motivated and self-managed executives and professionals with the experience to provide the high-level performance our Clients expect at competitive rates, with Staffing Solutions including:


Business Budgeting & Forecasting:

  • Post IPO Developed a first-time financial/cash/capital expenditure budget for a post-initial public offering developmental-stage company. Efforts included coordinating input from numerous reporting entities at multiple locations from differing disciplines to effect the development and production of the first budget.
  • Re-Engineering Consulted and assisted in the development of an enhanced budgeting process. The engagement included a re-engineering of the budgeting process, development of timetables, coordination of efforts for numerous reporting entities at multiple locations, and consultation of the various responsible reporting parties.

Financial Information Packaging:

  • Developmental-Stage SEC Client – Developed and produced a financial information package for a developmental-stage SEC client that was used to arrange for equipment/accounts receivable financing. The package included historical and current financial information, updated business plans for numerous entities, management organizational charts and biographies, and promotional materials. The engagement included the initial contact of potential financing entities, discussions about the company, and distribution of information. Work product resulted in the client obtaining a new financing facility for equipment purchases as well as accounts receivable financing.

Accounting and Financial Reporting Consulting:

  • Equity/Debt Financing – Consulted with a public company on various accounting issues relating to the accounting treatment of equity and debt financing and accounting consolidation. We assisted with the preparation of Forms 10-Q and commented on the preparation of Form S-3. We also analyzed and summarized the client’s various equity transactions that occurred over an 18-month period.

Audit Support:

  • First Time Through Audit – Assisted an international company in researching and developing information pursuant to a first time through audit. Work included investigation of transactions and reconstruction of records, and assistance to staff with accounting information subsequent to a complete physical move of manufacturing and warehousing facilities, and corporate and administrative functions.
  • External Audit Support – Provided audit support to many other Clients also.
  • Forensic Accounting – Provided forensic accounting for a major US metropolitan city regarding partnership in building of low-income housing; reconciled cash accounts back to job cost reports; assisted in the public audit for the Department of Housing; helped with the placing of bonds; general accounting review; and compiled documents for the initial audit of a municipal sports authority.

Financial Management Consulting:

  • Risk Management – Assisted a start-up client with a variety of mid-office and back-office functions including: position keeping/reporting; commercial/gross margin accounting; contract administration; and counter-party credit policies, controls and analysis. Additional assistance included working with a Big Four accounting firm’s risk management advisory group, participating in developing overall control and risk strategy, assisting in developing policies, procedures and systems for the business activities, and systems selection and implementation.

Post Acquisition Assistance:

  • Provided numerous Clients post acquisition assistance which included clean-up of accounts through detailed reconciliations, push-down accounting entries, M&A entries, tax compliance review, tax strategies, and inventory re-location assistance.

Systems Consulting:

Assisted Clients with various systems needs including implementation of a multi-location ERP system, a financial reporting infrastructure and a forecasting system.

Special Projects Management/Systems Conversion and Implementation – Project management of the installation of a customized vendor software module to an existing computerized database for a mortgage banker finance division of a national bank. The module allowed customers to download funding request information directly into the bank’s database via a customized computer bulletin board system. The project included:

  • Development of a working group
  • Development and execution of a project implementation workplan
  • Coordination of various interested parties including: software vendor, internal audit, IT department, and end users
  • Development and execution of testing plan
  • Weekly status reporting of project progress
  • Addressing and clearing of project issues
  • Development and production of project documentation (e.g., process flowcharts, internal documentation for internal audit and IT requirements)
  • Development and production of end user documentation
  • Migration into production.

Internal Audit Assistance:

  • Audit Methodology – Assisted a Fortune 500 client with the design and development of an audit methodology that included audit mandates and plans for the client’s worldwide internal audit function. Our efforts resulted in the production of an internal audit policies and procedures manual as well as providing introductory training.
  • Training – Organized and directed a course development engagement to provide our client with formalized introductory training for the client’s worldwide internal audit function. The engagement included conducting the course in US and international locations.
  • Internal Audit Support – Provided internal audit support to variety of Clients in different industries, including many Sarbanes-Oxley Specialists to augment internal audit functions.

Tax Assistance:

  • Provided Clients with an array of tax services, including year-end tax compliance support and multi-state SALT analysis and resolution projects.

Financial Management Absences:

  • Provided Clients with an array of interim financial management, including Controllers, Assistant Controllers, and Financial Reporting Managers.


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