What Clients Say

“I have had several very bad experiences with “major” Search Firms and generally won’t use them. We had been looking for a new CFO [for two months].  We had a lot of references from our Venture Capital partners and others, but were wasting a lot of time and effort in qualifying and interviewing Candidates.

Through a reference, I talked to Mark Shirley and hired WM Shirley on the spot.  They had good, qualified applicants in front of me within days.  All were better than any I had seen before. We ended up with four excellent Candidates and had them grilled by an Industrial Psychologist [all passed with flying colors!].

Shirley seems to know EVERYBODY in his sphere.  It was such a surprisingly good experience!”

-CEO, Houston-based International Oilfield Services Company

“Given a pending MBO asset acquisition in the Houston Area we were investing in, we needed to find a qualified CFO quickly for one of our soon to be formed portfolio companies in the Houston Area.  Being on the East Coast, we needed a Search Firm who was on the ground in the Houston Market and had a successful track record of finding the best CFOs quickly.

Through MULTIPLE REFERENCES from other I-Banker types in the Houston Area, we talked to Mark Shirley and hired WM Shirley on the spot.  They had a great slate of strong, qualified Candidates in front of us within a week, and worked through the Thanksgiving Holidays to schedule Interviews the next week with our top picks.

WM Shirley’s quick work on our CFO Search saved us a considerable amount of time and effort as we faced a tight calendar for closing.  They support the entire Search process from CFO Job Spec to the Offer prep and closing, and do so with excellent communication.

We have recommended WM Shirley to others we know in the I-Banking type business and know they will experience the same over-the-top service Shirley delivers!”

-Two Managing Directors of Two Different East Coast Private Equity Firms

“I stepped into the CFO role in a private company with an IPO and a very large acquisition pending, and I needed talent fast. I knew I could count on WM Shirley to provide the best Candidates for selection of our new Director-External Reporting & Planning ASAP.

WM Shirley ran the process in a fashion that was very time-efficient for me.  Within days, they had four strong Candidates in front of us and kept up with our hectic schedules with the IPO process. Any of those Candidates could have done the job competently, which gave us the luxury of picking the person we thought was the best fit in our culture.

I was very pleased with the work WM Shirley did for us and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for financial talent.”

-CFO, Houston-based, Venture-Backed, High Tech Financial Services Company

“WM Shirley provided us the best slate of Candidates for selection of our new Internal Controls Director faster than anyone else.  Their depth of experience in public accounting and recruiting allows them to quickly assess the situation and the company. Their breadth of contacts enables them to source a number of strong Candidates.

WM Shirley’s fast and effective work on this assignment saved us a considerable amount of time and effort as we faced a tight calendar for Sarbanes-Oxley compliance.  They support the entire sourcing process, and do so with excellent real time communication.

We were very pleased with their services and would clearly recommend them for companies with similar needs.”

-CFO, Houston-based NYSE Company

“WM Shirley demonstrated a great network of contacts with highly qualified Candidates with strong industry experience when we were looking for an International Tax Manager. Benefiting from that network we were able to select Candidates in a very competitive marketplace and hire the best.  WM Shirley’s strong network also enables an impressively quick process.”

-SVP/Tax Director, International Energy Services Company

“I tell every Small Business Owner who I know that WM Shirley is the best way to find the best Controller/Bookkeeper to avoid wasting a lot of time and effort sourcing, qualifying and interviewing Candidates.

With continued growth and the need for my wife to spend less time in our business, I was in need of a strong Controller/Bookkeeper. I tried several different sources before I called WM Shirley. Within days, WM Shirley had a strong short list of Candidates, which my wife and I Interviewed in short order and selected one who we hired and has proven to be a valuable employee.

As a small business owner, neither my staff nor I have any extra time to look for quality staff. I have known Mark Shirley for years and highly recommend him and his firm to any small business looking for quality financial & accounting staff.”

        -President & Founder, Houston-based Small Business


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