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We have placed hundreds of professionals (on a Permanent and Contract basis) and invest more time in the Search process than probably anybody else in our profession to ensure the mutual success of our Clients (employing companies) and our Candidates. As some of our Candidates put it, “Wow! You do a lot of work I never appreciated. No one compares to the service WM Shirley provides.  I wish to commend you for your thorough professionalism.  I have been through many interviews dispatched by quite a number of recruiters.  The package you sent me to prepare me for my interview was orders of magnitude the best I have ever encountered, and was very helpful.” As such, in order to ensure our mutual success, please complete the following:

  1. This CANDIDATE DATA SHEET – please complete and submit this CDS, and

  2. YOUR RESUME IN WORD – if your current Resume is not on file with WM Shirley, please submit it here for our review. Also, we have a RESUME EXAMPLE Template of what our Clients like to see – with Employer(s) Annualized Revenue Amount(s) and ERP System used (most common Resume questions) – if you need it just ask us and we will e-mail it to you!


  1. WMS PROCESS – Once you are on file with WMS, you will receive ALL detailed Job Search Profiles WMS is working via E-MAIL (see important note below), so we/you will not miss anything (and, as a plus to you, so you can see how the market is moving).  PLEASE respond to our emails OR apply online ONLY if you (1) have the Qualifications or (2) want to refer people you know who may fit.  You may respond to our e-mails or apply online to as many Searches as you qualify for as you are eligible for any and all WMS Positions you qualify for at any time.

  2. EXCLUSIVE SEARCHES – Most WMS Searches are on an Exclusive Basis, so you do not need to be concerned about your Resume being at an employer from more than one source.

  3. YOUR RESUME – WMS will not submit your Resume to any WMS Client without your approval.  If you respond with interest to a Job Profile sent to you via e-mail or you apply online, and you look like a fit, WMS will then send your Confidential Resume to the Client.

  4. CLIENT INSIGHT/ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW – If the Client selects you for an Interview, WMS will provide you all you need to know about the Client in a very detailed CONFIDENTIAL Data Sheet for your use only.

  5. STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL – All information – this information and additional sensitive and very insightful Client information about each WMS Search – exchanged between you and WMS must remain strictly confidential.

  6. NON-EXCLUSIVE CONTRACT – The information contained herein is only for WMS purposes to better represent you with WMS Clients and is not a binding contract to use WMS’s services exclusively.

  7. NO FEE TO CANDIDATES – WMS does not charge Candidates for any services. WMS is paid by employing companies, WMS Clients, for WMS services arranged for specific WMS Searches.

  8. SEARCH STATUS UPDATES – If you responded via e-mail with an interest in any WMS Search or you applied online, you will receive updates on the Search, but please be patient as it can take several weeks for most Clients just to get organized to Interview.


  1. Please complete all required fields to proceed to the next page

  2. If you do not hit “SUBMIT” on the final page it will not be delivered to us.

  3. If you have trouble submitting the form, please refresh the page and try submitting again. All information previously entered will be stored on the form and you will not have to start over. Please note: to access previously entered information you must use the same browser and the same device/computer you used previously.

  4. Once you successfully submit your Candidate Data Sheet, you will see a “Submitted Successfully” message. If you do not see this message, we did not receive your submission. Please refer back to the Candidate Data Sheet and submit the form again.  Thank you.

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